Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic as Michel Roberge enters his 45th year of age.

The year is 1998, and Michel is given an opportunity: to be a developer at CABLEVISION DU NORD. Fresh out of school, he begins a carrier that will define his path, his future.

2 years later, the big city calls as he starts his LIMS career as a TECHNICAL SPECIALIST at LIMS System, a small company later to be acquired by STARLIMS Corporation.

This period of growth lasts over 15 years. Michel takes a 2 years "break" toward 2004 to work for a Customer, the infamous Wyeth. He wants to try enterprise environment, which he does, indeed...

Returning to his beloved STARLIMS Corporation (which would later become Abbott Informatics), our developer tris many different roles, challenges and projects before being offered to take on the Advanced Analytics product development lead. The role requires business knowledge, communication skills, and creativity.

He excels. But eventually, this becomes business as usual. Wanting to progress his career, our "hero" accepts a position at SGS as a Software Development Manager. This is for the SGS STARLIMS program, a global laboratory management system targeted for more than 200 laboratories worldwide using Azure platform. This story unfolds in 2022, when he accepts an architect role for the digital laboratory, always at SGS.

...And now, the adventure continues.